Work with me

Holistic Nutrition VIP Intensive: $777


Step #1: You fill out your self assessments which I send to you. 

Step # 2: I analyze it with a fine tooth comb before we meet.

Step # 3: We will then spend a 3- hours together to hatch a Wellness Plan that you feel excited about.  

  • Individualized Nutri-Body Assessment that will identify any nutritional, glandular and systemic imbalances. 
  • A Holistic Wellness Plan of what to eat, what not to eat, lifestyle and exercise goals.
  • Science-based Supplement Recommendations- to support your body and allow it to rebalance and heal.
  • Two 30 min Follow-ups.




Deep Dive Wellness Mentorships: $777 per month

 *$1800 for 3 months

A deep inward dive to uncover the roots of any imbalances and plant new seeds of wellness.   


  • Weekly 60 minute calls to keep you on track.
  • Meal Plans and Recipes.
  • Kitchen Reboot.
  • Grocery Shopping 101.
  • Mind-Body Integrative Healing Sessions.
  • Full Nutri-Body Analysis.
  • Unwavering Support to help you achieve your wellness potential. 

If you’re truly sick and tired, of feeling sick and tired… 

If you want the number on the scale to do down… 

If you feel like everyday you are dragging yourself through a swamp… 

If you are tired of your illness controlling your life…

You need to schedule a call today. 

Reach out. You’re worth it! 


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