Freedom from Chronic Illness is an 16-week Mastermind combined with One-on-One sessions designed to empower you from the inside-out, to claim control of your health and wellness and to finally break FREE of the chains of chronic illness.

Exhausted to the point that every cell in your body feels like it is drowning in a swampy mess?

Terrified your immune system cannot handle exposure to the latest cold or flu- and don’t even mention covid-19?

That your energy is so low you need an IV of coffee and sugar to make it to noon?

Brain fog so bad that your amazing ideas get lost in the cloud of lethargic confusion?

Frustrated that the scale stays the same number despite eating clean and trying every fad diet out there?

Scared that your career is nothing but a dream because your body just won’t cooperate?

Anxious of what the future may hold, or more specifically: not hold?

“Its all in your head!” 

“But you look good!” 

“Your bloodwork is normal!”

“Its not real because you can’t see it.”


… when you feel like death is knocking and you drag yourself through each day.

To say YES! To the invitations you are dying to go to, but can’t without having abc… z in place.

To be able to leave your house with a confident smile that you will not need to hit the bathroom, fall deathly ill or ruin everyone else’s fun. 

To be able to travel, work and live without worrying about when the next migraine will put you in bed.

To pursue the career of your dreams without fear of being blocked by brain fog, exhaustion and pain.

To take that vacation without agonizing about being stuck on planes, trains and automobiles.

To wake up feeling refreshed, energized and excited to see what the day will bring.  

Hatch a Wellness Plan that is designed to work for you.

Start where you are. We start with where you are and where you’ve been, in order to figure out how to get where you want to be.

Believe that you can change. Healing is possible.

Have Support, Love and Guidance of friends and yours truly- me.

Forgive yourself. You do not deserve your illness, you did nothing wrong. We can manage this together.

You are stuck at home and you had to leave your job because your illness is controlling your life.

You have tried the fad diets and listened to the gurus and you are still sick.

You are barely surviving and thriving seems like it will be in the next life.

You have listened to the negative voices telling you this is just the way it is, when deep down you know there must be a better way.

Freedom from Chronic Illness is an 8-week Mastermind combined with One-on-One sessions designed to empower you from the inside-out, to claim control of your health and wellness and to finally break FREE of the chains of chronic illness.

∗ This is not your average run of the mill program that promotes crystal miracles while you meditate your broken legs better listening to the latest fad diets and nutty gurus.

∗ This is a Premium Wellness Experience that combines the power of 1:1 coaching with the love and support of a group of wellness seekers.

∗ I will provide you with a customized wellness plan that includes supplementation, meditation, relaxation techniques, food, exercise and lifestyle choices- all designed to empower you to take control of your life. 

∗ I will hold your hand (virtually) as you climb to the top of the mountain.

∗ I know this is possible because I was once there too.

♦ We will have weekly live group coaching sessions. Recordings will be available if you cannot make it live.

♦ We will have a Secret Facebook Group designed to ask questions, seek support and encourage each other along our wellness journeys. 

♦ 4 one-to-one bi-weekly sessions with me where we focus in on your mind and body, creating and implementing your personalized wellness plan.

♦ 1 Nutri-Body Assessment. This self assessment is amazing at identifying deep rooted imbalances, as it is based on how you feel With this assessment you will get a customized supplementation plan, learn what foods are healing for you, as well as what foods may be poisoning you.

♦ We will work with journal prompts to lean in and listen deeply.

♦ We will learn to relax, rebalance and reset our body and mind.

Lesson #1- What is wellness? Place your attention on your wellness intention.   

Lesson #2- What are the fad diets and what the f*ck are they good for? Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw… etc. 

Lesson #3- The Fine Art of Relaxation and the Mind-Body Connection. 

Lesson #4- The Gut-Brain Connection- the unexpected cause of anxiety, brain fog and depression.

Lesson #5- How to create a lifestyle and exercise program that is doable, sustainable and fun. 

Lesson #6- How cleansing and detoxing can completely change your health and wellness.  

Lesson #7- How to strengthen and support your immune system so you can sail through cold and flu season.  

Lesson #8- How to stay motivated to continue to reach for the wellness stars. 

Each week will be followed by an integration week, where you will work one-on-one with me to truly propel yourself forward to reach your ultimate wellness potential.

 *As each group is perfectly unique, this is written in sand not stone to allow for you, to receive the most relevant and empowering information possible. 

Who is Cheryl?

Cheryl is the Mind-Body-Wellness Coach. She is a registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. She works with you, to “hatch a plan” for your personal health and wellbeing.


She was once chained to her house, ridden with anxiety and exhausted at the thought of simply going to the grocery store.


She recalls saying “I was embarrassed, I tried to power through- but I just simply couldn’t.”


With years of trial and error, education, and perseverance, Cheryl created a method to put her autoimmune illness into remission. She now offers you a real chance to uncover your own path to personal freedom and wellness.


Instead of reading the headlines and following the latest health gurus, you can invest in yourself with the confidence that you will see results.


You can be free from chronic illness.

This Program is for you if:


You have a feisty spirit in a fragile body.

You know deep down that you can heal.

You have been through countless tests and you STILL feel like sh*t.

You are tired of slogging through this health journey alone and looking for support.

You are fed up with saying no, when you really want to say yes.

You want to spend quality time with your friends and family.

You are ready to take control of your life back.

You are ready to take control of your health and wellness.

You are ready to break free from the chains of chronic illness.

You want to have your old energy back.

You want to be pain free.

You are tired of being shoved aside, told you look “fine” and shuffled out the door.

You are tired of fighting your disease alone and ready to be embraced in a supportive community

You want to become active and be able to move your body without fear of not be able to make it to the end of the hike, bike.

You know that NOW is the time to take your life back.

This Program is not for you if:

You are not ready to invest in your health and wellness.

You believe YouTube has all the answers you need. 

You are comfortable with the way you feel and look.

You do not want to put the time and effort into yourself.

You are not open to trying new things.

You would prefer to feel sick and tired.

You are not willing to step outside the box.

Your idea of a good life is drinking or doing drugs.

√ 8 One-on-One sessions with Cheryl = $2400

√ Nutri-Body Assessment = $777

√ Meditation Sessions = 1081.08

√ Ask a Chef Sessions = $444

√ Restorative Yoga Sessions = $444

√ 8 Wellness Workshops = $1600

√ Love, Support and Encouragement = Priceless

= $6,746.08

= $1497

PS- This program is the ONLY Wellness Experience of it’s kind. 

I am on medication, will this program work for me?

Yes. This is not abot stopping your medication, or a replacement for medical information. This is to rebalance your body and allow your to regain your freedom.

What if I do not have a diagnosis?

This program is ideal for you. I work with symptomatology to help you rebalance your body and regain your life, with or without, a label.

What if I have a diagnosis?

The label is less important that addressing how you feel. This program is designed to help you rebalance your body and regrain your life.

Should I stop talking to my doctor?

No. Absolutely not.

Are results typical?

Results will vary from person to person.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, please email me directly to set it up.