Outdoor Yoga & Horse Medicine Retreat

July 1 - July 4, 2021.

Join me on a Outdoor Yoga & Horse Medicine Retreat this Summer!

The Land of the Midnight Sun, Vast Valleys, Colourful Willows and the Wisdom of Horses.

There is no electricity or cell coverage and you will truly immerse yourself into nature. 

    • Practice yoga in an off-the-grid studio.
    • Discover the Art of Relaxation and Healing Power of Horses.

A true nature immersion experience complete with horses and yoga. 

 It will soothe your soul, exercise your body and calm your mind as you escape into the wild to watch the sun circle the sky at midnight, and delve deep into the wisdom of the horse. 

Let your feet feel the earth.

Your eyes marvel.

And your soul ignite.

Horse Time

Horses are the third eye that allows all the yoga, meditation, relaxation and nature immersion to integrate in your body and life. By being around horses our heart feels a natural calm. Horses scan the energy of their environment to determine if they are safe. This allows them to be the perfect mirror to what is going on internally and unspoken within ourselves. If you are resisting emotions, feeling stress or fear, or have an overactive mind that cannot shut off- the horses will move away. Allowing the horse to mirror you, you will receive clear feedback of how you project yourself into the world. When you are calm and present, the horse will open to connect with you.



The word “Yoga” in sancrit means “union.” It is a union of body, mind, soul, and earth.

To me, the beauty of yoga is the ability to create space, it’s in the quiet pockets of stillness that you create magic.

We won’t be standing on our heads but rather following gentle yin to yang sequences designed to release tension, relax your body and mind and reconnect to yourself.


The Art of Relxation

Relaxation Creates Healing

When you are out in the mountains away from it all, it’s easy to relax. But what happens when you return home? Learn breath work, meditation techniques and practice the art of relaxation so you can take the healing benefits home with you.

Nature Immersion

Studies have shown that being in nature reduces anger, fear and stress while it reduces blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress hormones, it increases your physical well-being.

Nature immersion allows your body to relax and rejuvenate just by simply being outdoors in the fresh air.

Your Host, Cheryl

Cheryl is a long-time horse lover who grew up on the back of a horse. She completed her yoga teacher trainings at the Eco Based Nature Immersion Yoga Teacher Trainings in Pavones, Costa Rica. She is certified as a 500-Hr Yoga Teacher who often finds herself teaching in outdoor studios. She has specialized trainings in Integrative Healing Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, Yin Yoga, and the Art of Flow.

Throughout her life she has continually found the immense power and wisdom in horse medicine. She is also a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner who helps people live their best lives.

Her number one tip for people? Take time to get to know yourself and then learn how to relax as deeply and often as you can.

Who is it for?

This is for you if:

You enjoy being outside.

You like to venture to off the grid places.

You are ok sharing spaces and bathrooms. 

You like eating delicious food.

You are curious about horses and wanting to deepen your connection to the yourself through the mirror of a horse. 


This is not for you if:

 You like to hang out inside in front of a TV,

You are not comfortable sharing spaces and bathrooms.

You dislike nature or are afraid of bugs.  

You need to be connected to your phone, social media or computer 24-7. 


Option A: Shared Wood Cabin

$950 per person, must be members of the same group.

Option B: Bring your Own Tent

$750 per person. If you do not have your own tent, please ask, it can be arranged.

*Price includes*

3 meals a day, coffee, tea and water. Dinner on the day of arrival, and breakfast on the day of departure. (Dietary restrictions can be accommodated!)

All retreat activities, Twice Daily Yoga, Horse time

**Price does not include**

Alcoholic Beverages

Payment is accepted by e-transfer or PayPal. 

Join me!

This is for small groups only and spaces are limited. Customized Dates available upon request during the summer.

For More Information please contact me a cheryl.kemppainen@gmail.com.