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Holistic Gut Health


My approach is holistic because it takes into account the WHOLE picture of your life, not just the food you eat, but also lifestyle, stress levels, work life, home life, family, exercise…

You are not just one thing. Your body is complex, emotions are complex…ALL the elements need to be considered at the same time in order to get a deep understanding to the root cause of any imbalance. 


Restrictive diets eliminate food or even entire food groups, like carbohydrates for example. Rather than getting the nutrients your body needs from the food, it now has to take from the stores in your body which leads to malnourishment, deep imbalances and chronic illnesses. 

Sometimes it’s not about the food, but the way it’s cooked. Or perhaps about the way it’s combined with other food. 

Intuitive Eating


As a baby, you knew exactly when you were hungry and for what. There was a reason you cried at certain times for certain food. Slowly, we are trained to ignore that inner wisdom. Perhaps you were taught to be polite and eat what was in front of you. Or perhaps you were forced to finish your plate even when you knew you weren’t hungry anymore. 

Together, we tap into your intuition so you can let your body guide your food choices. Once you have a healthy gut, this intuition will empower you to make healthy-for-you choices with ease. No more confusion, no more fad diets that don’t work. You will have the answers. 

This is not about bandaids or quick fixes. This is about diving deep, looking inward, and journeying forward to wellness. Healing your gut will truly heal you life. 

It’s not about a label, or a diagnosis, it’s about how you feel.

Gut Instinct one-to-one 3 month Intensive $1500 

Phase One: Relax to Release

You must relax any tension in your body and mind.

It is an art form and a practice. Anxiety and worry will lessen and release. 

This phase kick starts your body’s innate healing, the kind that happens when you sleep?

Phase Two: Release to Rebalance

This is the deepest phase where we cleanse and detox everything from your cells to the space between your cells. Your brain fog will release and energy will start to emerge.

Phase Three: Rebuild to Renew

Now we rebuild. Your gut must be rebuilt in order to maintain your health, immune system and keep you pain free, stress free and living your best life in remission.

Once you rebuild your gut, you protect the rest of your cells, organs and your body will have what it needs to stay balanced and well.

Are you tired of being treated like you are insane and do not know what is going on in your own body?

I know all too well what that is like. 

Would you like to talk about how you feel?

AND how you would like to feel?

Then you are in the right place.

Reach out for more information.


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