More about me...

My Journey:

I knew for a long time I needed help with my health. I refused to listen to the gentle whispers nudging me to stop. Instead, I waited until I could no longer function. My body had enough and it let me know. If google were to reveal my top searches it would be Colon Cancer, Depression, No Energy, SIBO, Anxiety and Bacterial Dysbiosis.

Finding Nature:

On an intuitive whim, I moved from a city of 25 million to a Wild Northern Wilderness with 25 million mosquitoes. It was here that I was able to hear the sounds of the universe. The birds singing, the wind in the trees and the cracking of ice on the frozen lakes. It was a song that my soul had been aching for.


I thought I understood how connected everything in our body is. I had no idea. Once my body shut down, my emotions went haywire, my hormones were in a battle with each other, depression turned into anxiety. Its hard to say which came first- the emotional trauma or the physical, but I can tell you they eventually connected in a firestorm of hell. And I had to heal both.



Once I started listening to myself, I made clear healing choices. I studied holistic nutrition, became a yoga teacher and turned my chef work into creating healthy for me foods. 

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I now help people discover their own personal wellness.

Healing is possible. You do not need to suffer. Seriously, let’s chat.  

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