More about me...

Hello! I’m Cheryl, and it’s a pleasure to connect. I am an introverted highly sensitive person and a recovering people pleaser. I have hit a few highs and lows in this thing called life. I have been bed ridden with a chronic illness, traveled the world, volunteered in orphanages in Cambodia and experienced an epic burn out from care giving that left me laying in the dust wondering WTF just happened? 

I live in the middle of no where. My best friend is a dog who thinks she’s a horse. I love long conversations about the meaning of life. I think and feel deeply. 

I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Equine Assisted Mindfulness Guide. 

The Crash Part One:

I knew for a long time I needed help with my health. I refused to listen to the gentle whispers nudging me to stop. Instead, I waited until I could no longer function.

Finding Nature:

On an intuitive whim, I moved from a city of 25 million to a Wild Northern Wilderness with 25 million mosquitoes. It was here that I was able to hear the sounds of the universe. The birds singing, the wind in the trees and the cracking of ice on the frozen lakes. It was a song that my soul had been aching for.


I thought I understood how connected everything in our body is. I had no idea. Once my body shut down, my emotions went haywire, my hormones were in a battle with each other, depression turned into anxiety. Its hard to say which came first- the emotional trauma or the physical, but I can tell you they eventually connected in a firestorm of hell. And I had to heal both.



Once I started listening to myself, I made clear healing choices. I studied holistic nutrition, became a yoga teacher. 

The Burn Part Two:

I over extended myself in the craziest of circumstances. I knew it was rough but I had no idea how bad I would fall. It was an epic burn out. My body stopped, I lost the ability to feel (literally could not feel anything!) and my spirit was crushed. Burn out was unlike anything I had experienced before and it took me well over a year to heal. 

My message:

I help highly sensitive female introverts heal from burnout with my signature 1:1 Integrative Healing Program “Anxious to Adventurous.” 

No matter where you are in life, you can heal and you can feel more than better. There is always something you can do to heal and it would be my pleasure to guide you on your healing journey. 

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