More about me…

I am an introverted highly sensitive person and a recovering people pleaser. I have hit a few highs and lows in this thing called life. I have been bed ridden with a chronic illness, traveled the world, volunteered in orphanages in Cambodia and experienced an epic burn out from care giving that left me laying in the dust wondering WTF just happened? 

I live in the middle of no where. My best friend is a dog who thinks she’s a horse. I love long conversations about the meaning of life. I think and feel deeply. 

On an intuitive whim, I moved from a city of 25 million to a Wild Northern Wilderness with 25 million mosquitoes. It was here that I was able to hear the sounds of the universe. The birds singing, the wind in the trees and the cracking of ice on the frozen lakes. It was a song that my soul had been aching for. This lead us to connecting here in this virtual space. 

I am a writer, creator and educator. 

I have certifications in holistic health and wellness including holistic nutrition, yoga, trauma-informed care, meditation, international relations and teaching adults. 

I help you communicate your expertise, products and services to your people using words. 



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