How to create New Years Resolution that work.

Too often we start the New Year with the best of intentions but with goals that are too big. We decide that this is the year we will run that marathon. 

We start off strong and then after one week we start negotiations with ourselves.

Maybe we can have a cheat day on our diet, or maybe we can have a week off from the work out routine. 

Soon we fall back into our old patterns because it’s just easier and wasn’t that bad.

What if this year, you tried something new? 

How to make a News Resolution that sticks:

Create a tiny teeny one that you know you can, and will do. 

This might start as small as drinking a glass of water when you wake up every morning.


Gut health tip: If you want to help your stomach out- try adding lemon to your water. The added vitamin C will help you clear out the toxins from the night and prepare your stomach for your breakfast by increasing the acid content. 


The trick to creating lasting results is to make your goals so small, that you do them. This way you create a relationship of trust with your body. 

One of the things I recommend people do is eat slowly and mindfully. It’s amazing what changes happen in our body when we eat slowly and mindfully. Sometimes it’s not about the food itself, but the way we eat it. Our body is not meant to run and eat at the same time. The quieter and more at peace you are when you eat, the more your body will be able to digest.

The more you digest, the more nutrients your gut is able to absorb and the better you will feel.



The healing cycle of tiny resolutions looks like this:


→ You tell your body you are going to eat slowly and chew each bite.


→ You eat your breakfast sitting down, slowly and you chew each bite into pieces before swallowing.


→ Your body feels better because it likes to eat slowly.


→ Because you do this daily, your body starts to expect it and trust you that you will give it time to eat and digest before running out the door.


→ You start the cycle of healing by doing this small act of self-care daily. 



When you are dealing with a chronic illness, you have a complex relationship with your body. Your body has failed you, confused you and hurt you. 

There are times that the body just does strange things… and then there are times we need to listen to it more. 


Our body is so sensitive it often needs to be checked-in with often. Once a day isn’t enough. 


When you’re in an active flare this can be extra challenging as it is natural to create a space, a distance between you and your body. 


The trick to healing?

Embrace your body with all its quirks, flares and annoyances. By deeply getting to know yourself, you will be able to make tiny changes that bring you massive relief. 

A Tiny New Year’s resolution feels less sexy than running that marathon and that’s ok.


Start small. Do it every day for a month. And then add in another teeny-tiny goal. 


What is your tiny resolution?