The Joy of Missing Out this Holiday Season

How do you feel about the holidays? I mean really feel. Do you dread them? Love them? Look forward to them? Celebrate when they are over?

It is supposed to be a time of joy and peace, and yet for many it is a pressure cooker of family drama and obligations.

The first time I was away during the holidays I felt like I should be sad, and I think I even tried to make myself feel sad, but what I really felt was relief. 

The Joy of Missing Out this Holiday Season. 

I no longer had to pretend to be happy and full of joy when what I felt was stressed, tired and annoyed at the whole spectacle of fakeness.

Perhaps I’m a grinch at heart, or perhaps I’m just telling the truth. 

I called home that first year I was living overseas, and then I went to work because Christmas really wasn’t a thing there. 

And I LOVED it. The only thing I had to do was to make a phone call. 

It was the first time I learned that Less is More during the holidays. Truly. 

  • Less obligations = More Peace
  • Less family drama = More Love
  • Less sugary foods = More Health

The picture that is painted in the media and the marketing machine that is Christmas, Black Friday, is that in order to have a successful Holiday you must shop, eat, drink and then shop some more. You must host a perfect dinner for the perfect family.

And we all know “perfect” doesn’t exist.

What if we all chose to create the perfectly imperfect holiday for ourselves. We create our own traditions, like eating tacos for Xmas dinner. Or we said “no” to the situations that you knew were going to be hard, stressful and harmful to your health.

Let’s create our own traditions this holiday season, ones that allow you to be the best you. Even if that means snuggling in bed with your dog, and disappointing others by saying no.

This holiday, You do You!

How to know what to say no to, ask yourself these questions:
  • What would you like to do less of?
  • What would you not do if you did not feel guilty?
How to know what to say yes to, ask yourself these questions:
  • What would you have enjoyed when you were young? Do that. 
  • What is something you truly love and look forward to? Do that. 

Your Holiday Season is your own Adventure. Choose wisely. 

If you are feeling extra stress, less healthy and would like some added support, please reach out!

If you are dreading the “have-to’s” of the holidays, consider this your permission to do less. 

What will you do less of this holiday season?