Welcome to the blog! We are going to learn about Sugar Cocaine and the Brain. But first, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share a story with you.

More than few years ago I was a chef. I remember walking into a kitchen with joy and excitement of all the things I would learn. One September afternoon, I opened the doors of the kitchen to a familiar smell of fried rice. Across the kitchen behind several steaming pots were a pair of shiny smiling eyes. A Chef in her element… steam, smells and creativity brewing. 

Kira handed me a wooden spoon, said “I’m so glad you’re here, can you keep an eye on this I’ll be right back.”

This became a regular occurrence. Keep an eye of this I’ll be right back. She had several dishes going, her brain and her arms moving a mile a minute. Always helpful, always smiling, always “being right back”… she was highly respected because she got so much done. 

One day I opened the door to the familiar smells but there were pots and food everywhere. On the floor, on the walls… it was like a movie scene where clumps of fried rice slowly moved down the wall until the perfect moment when it let go and plopped. Much like Kira. She crashed. Unknown to me, Kira had been disappearing to snort Cocaine. It kept her going mentally and physically, she was a machine, until she wasn’t. 

Hello Flaming Volcano of Burn Out. 

Cocaine travels through your nose into your brain and makes you feel like you are floating through life until you’re not. The drug stimulates a receptor in your brain, the exact same receptor as sugar. And both will make you feel good until they don’t. You are only going to have a little bit and then a little bit more… and a little bit more. 

We all have a little Kira in us. So many pots and thoughts are stewing all day long. You are ALL of the employees with one set of hands, eyes and one brain to do ALL the things. For those of us online we always find ourselves doing one more… 

One more call, one more meeting, one more hour, one more post, one more DM… one more sugary drink, one more donut…

It’s a dangerous cycle to put your body through. 

Where Cocaine is black market and totally illegal. Sugar is on every grocery store shelf and is a completely legal epidemic that makes a lot people a lot of money, based on a very human biological response known as addiction. 

Often the reason you are going back for more- is not because the food is nourishing you. Its because your brain is craving the sugar high. You are feeding an addiction. 

Over the course of a year the average person is eating 22 teaspoons of hidden sugar per day. Hidden sugar means that it is not you adding a spoon full of sugar to your coffee, it’s sugar that is hidden in food and drink often with long unpronounceable names. 

Sugar intake is a serious problem. 

Too much sugar creates:

  • Nutrient deficiencies,
  • Weight gain
  • Bad breath
  • Acne
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety 
  • Candida 
  • Confusion
  • Brain Fog
  • And Inflammation… the most common root cause of all autoimmune disease and chronic illness. 

So often we reach for a sugary snack to get us through the one more thing… 

Sugar intake is a massive problem and it’s hidden in all kinds of food and drink- from bacon to things we think are healthy for us like protein shakes. Sugar is hidden in so many places. 

A healthy life is a wealthy life. 

So often we put off our health, and ignore our physical body… Or cover up the signs of any kind of dis-EASE until the symptoms are so loud we cannot ignore them anymore. There’s a better way. I learned the hard way that your body will always win the battle. It might have to get very loud- but it will get loud. 

So when you feel yourself reaching for that sugary drink… pause for a moment and check in with your body. 

Are you tired? Thirsty? Hungry? What is it that your body actually needs. 

Just like your business needs to have sustainable growth, Your body needs to be sustained too. If you are not fuelling your body right, you are at risk of disease and eventually it will show up in your business. 

Your body. Your business. Your health. Your wealth. It ALL works together. In fact, your health is the very basic foundation of your business and profession. 

The good news is, the damage that is done to your body by excess sugar intake can be reversed. In as few as 7 days you can start to feel massive shifts in your health. You can gain mental clarity, physical strength, you can work smarter not harder and most importantly you can avoid burn out. 

In just 7 days you can start to feel clearer, stronger, healthier and in turn wealthier. 

Perhaps you know that you have a sweet tooth and are always reaching for more sugar. Or perhaps you have been inspired to look at the ingredients of your food to check for hidden sugars. 

Know that awareness is the most important step to creating sustainable wellness. For a more in-depth explanation sugar and what it does to your body. Check out the first module in my 7-day Sugar Detox Challenge.

It’s free for you, for now, and I hope you will check it out.