Get off the scale and into your body.

There’s a misconception that being skinny means you are healthy.

There’s a drive in our society to be smaller and skinnier. If you could only fit one size smaller everything would be great… or would it? I was super skinny because I was sick. I felt like complete crap. I could barely get anything done in a day. I was at my lowest low. And I was constantly complimented because of how skinny I was.

The drive to be skinny, needs to be replaced with the drive to be healthy. Healthy looks different for everyone. If your journey towards health means loosing weight, please keep reading.

All too often I hear of people jumping on the scale every morning to check that they are on track with their get/ stay skinny journey. When you look at the number on the scale with glee, you skip through your day. 

When they see the number isn’t what you expected, even if it’s only off by a pound, there’s a melt down and that day is spent in one of two ways: 

*First; being stricter with your food intake, berating yourself and skipping meals as punishment for gaining that extra pound or two. 


*Second; feeling sorry for yourself, feeling like nothing you are doing is working anyways and seeking comfort in the bottom of an ice cream tub.

Here’s the thing: your weight can fluctuate between 5-10 lbs in a single day. Just one day. Due to water retention, hormones, eating and drinking. While weighing yourself regularly can give you a sense of accountability and goals, it is important to remember:

*skinny does not equal healthy


*daily weight is not an accurate measurement of your body weight

At most, weigh yourself once a week and take a monthly average. 

Loosing weight and getting into shape is not an overnight journey. It takes time and dedication to lifestyle changes. There is no magic pill that works overnight. It must be a long term commitment.

Rather than focusing on the number on the scale, focus on how you feel. Do you feel like you have more energy? Do you feel content? Do you feel proud of the choices you made today? Are you speaking kindly to yourself?

Get off the scale and into your body.

Feel into your body and honour that you will have ups and downs on your scale no matter what.

Be kind to yourself.

Weigh yourself, at most, once a week.

Celebrate the monthly wins.

Honour the daily feelings.

Congratulate yourself hourly for making healthy choices.

Need added support? Reach out. I’ll celebrate with you!