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Part of eating healthy and the ability to maintain a diet plan comes with preparation.

Be prepared for when the snack monster takes over. Its not bad to eat several times throughout the day as long as you are eating healthy-for-you foods. The longer you are able to stay on a plan, the easier it becomes.

My top 5 meals to prepare for the days ahead:

  1. Energy balls. AKA Fat Bombs. They are easy to grab and high in MCT oils that feed your brain and allow your body to burn clean fats.
  2. Egg bites. Think of egg muffins with added vegetables and meat. Eggs are considered a super food (free range and organic) and are packed full of nutrients to give you a boost to your day.
  3. Overnight oats. Soaked oats with various fruits and vegetables. Ready to grab and go in the morning.
  4. Soup. An often forgotten nutrient dense meal. When vegetables are boiled the nutrients seep out of the food and into the water, making soup and soup broths a particularly nutritious meal.
  5. Left overs. Never forget the ease of leftovers. Make enough dinner one night, to have breakfast and lunch the next day. When I was on a super strict therapeutic diet this is what allowed me to stay on the diet, without spending hours in the kitchen.

Need recipes? A customized plan? Have questions? Contact me for a 30 minute consultation. Its free with no obligation.

Health is wealth. Mastering the art of preparation will help you achieve your optimal wellness.