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The way we think and feel emotionally has a large effect on how we feel physically. I take on my emotions physically; on a bad day when I feel low energy I will often get a headache, muscle cramps and my colitis will flare up, in contrast if I can pull myself out of a low and increase my energetic vibration and start to feel positive emotions flowing through me, my colitis calms down and the muscle and head pain releases.

The person who is “sick” is in fact the healer. Healing comes from within, from truly embracing the life that flows within us. Healing is rarely an act of consciously harnessing inner light and energy, but is always a release and expression of this inner power.

People love being labeled, we take comfort in knowing “what we are” or “what we have” but that can lead to identifying with pain, illness, and being a victim.

A large part of healing is simply believing that you can. And an even more important part is giving ourselves permission to heal.

We have several levels of existence, our physical body is just one. We also have emotions, feelings, past experiences, past lives, spiritual connections and soul; to name a few. I believe we are all connected and need to address the whole person as a reflection of all these different levels in order to balance and renew.

Our subconscious often controls so much of the way we think, feel, and interact with the world around us.

Peeling back one layer Reveals another.

Personally, I get very upset when someone comes into my “space” and changes things. Why? During my childhood I never had any space that wasn’t changed on a whim and my stuff was often permanently borrowed. For a while this manifested as owning nothing. I literally lived out of a backpack and slept on the floor. As I’ve become more aware, I’ve been able to let go and know that my space will be ok. If my physical space can be ok, then my emotional state can be too. Uncovering subconscious belief patterns has opened my heart. I am in a relationship, have a home with a bed, a garden and I’m more at peace than ever.

I can love more just by being aware of how I feel about my space and drawing the boundaries with people instead of going into a mental breakdown.

When you relax, you can begin to open new calm pathways that release some of the old tensions that our subconscious holds onto so strongly.

Its a domino effect. When one self-limiting belief releases, the peace and calm spreads through the rest of you, into all parts of you being and radiates out into the world.

So don’t wait until tomorrow, the timing is right (cause its never going to be,) or until the new year… take a moment right now. Stop what you’re doing and breath. Five huge long deep breaths in, and give yourself permission to heal.