Cheryl Kemppainen

Writer. Creator. Educator

Know. Like. Trust. 


How is this great online world can you develop relationships with clients and customers? 




Words build your brand, your identity and allow people to get to know you. 

Did you know that political campaigns are written at a grade two reading level? You know why?

Because in order to communicate with people you need to speak a language that they understand. 

All those fancy word long words you learned in school are complete nonsense to the general public. 


A confused mind:

  • Will not buy.

  • Will not follow through with your programs. 

  • Will not feel good about their time with you. 


I work with you to develop your voice through words, whether it is formal, scientific or maybe even playful, that allow you to communicate effortlessly in the online world. 


So you can reach more people with clarity and ease.


A confident mind:

  • Will invest.
  • Will follow through
  • Will rant and rave about your courses, content and programs. 

Interested in copywriting support for blogs or social media? Reach out!

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Confused to Confident: let’s move you there!


When I’m not writing or exploring the great outdoors on a digital detox, I write my blog. 


I talk about:

Health. Wellness. Nutrition.

Horses. Animal Therapy. 

Education. Unlearning. 


Check it out!


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